Transformers love

I never thought that I would still buy toys during my college years. But here I am, paying at least 10 bucks for a figure at retail stores or at toy conventions.

What are these toys exactly? And why am I all gung ho to buy these figures, despite that I’m a trifle cheap when it comes to spending on these type of things?

Well…they’re TRANSFORMERS. And these toys aren’t any typical toys you’ll ever encounter. They are distinctly unique and valuable.

When it comes to buying transformers, you just don’t “buy,” but you  “collect.” When they are to be described, they’re not a pile of toys, but a sophisticated collection of articulated figures.

Yes of course, there is a hierarchy involved in this, that’s why they’re unique and valuable. These transformers are classified by lines, sizes, and rarity. (correct me if I’m wrong James, since you’re the epitome of an ultimate transformers connoisseur).

So how does my collection look like? At the moment, it’s quite small. I’ve only been collecting the ones I think that look “cool.” Therefore, I can’t call myself a true collector yet. Although, I’m getting there, I think.

So here’s a look at my minuscule-like collection:

Barricade, Rodimus, Sideswipe, Optimus, Bumblebee, Skywarp

Someday, these toys will be worth more than I paid for them, which is why I believe that getting these figures are worthwhile.

So far, my favorite from the bunch I have is Sideswipe, from the Universe toy line:

I have to give my boyfriend, James, credit to my collection because 67% of the toys I have is from him, 😛



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An Education

The movie, An Education, is probably one of my all time  favorite movies. It’s a definite “must-see film”, especially for girls.

Here’s the film’s summary by IMDB:

In the early 1960’s, sixteen year old Jenny Mellor lives with her parents in the London suburb of Twickenham. On her father’s wishes, everything that Jenny does is in the sole pursuit of being accepted into Oxford, as he wants her to have a better life than he. Jenny is bright, pretty, hard working but also naturally gifted. The only problems her father may perceive in her life is her issue with learning Latin, and her dating a boy named Graham, who is nice but socially awkward. Jenny’s life changes after she meets David Goldman, a man over twice her age. David goes out of his way to show Jenny and her family that his interest in her is not improper and that he wants solely to expose her to cultural activities which she enjoys. Jenny quickly gets accustomed to the life to which David and his constant companions, Danny and Helen, have shown her, and Jenny and David’s relationship does move into becoming a romantic one. However, Jenny slowly learns more about David, and by association Danny and Helen, and specifically how they make their money. Jenny has to decide if what she learns about them and leading such a life is worth forgoing her plans of higher eduction at Oxford.

I give this movie a rating of 9.5/10. I absolutely recommend it to everyone.


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One word to describe Alice in Wonderland


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Problems the Lakers should fix…

Well it’s pretty much televised everywhere that the Lakers lost to the Cavaliers yesterday on Christmas day. I did some observations and analyzed what mistakes the Lakers are committing. In order to secure their title for 09-10 championship, they need to fix some problems within their strategy:

1. CHANGE the bench!

We all know that Vujacic, Farmar, and Morrison are not helping, why not trade them! Just because Kobe is close friends with Vujacic, doesn’t mean the franchise has to keep him. Get new talented rookies! Look at the Milwaukee Bucks’ Brandon Jennings, Golden State’s Stephen Curry, or Sacramento Kings’ Tyreke Evans, those are the players that the Lakers NEED and WANT!

2. Gotta make Bynum HOT!!!

Bynum has to shoot and has to defend. Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol can’t carry the games all the time, they need their big man to step it up!

3. Odom has to contribute some POINTS

As an extra forward, Odom needs to assist with extra points. Without Odom’s help, the Lakers will have a lesser chance in winning the title again.

Los Angeles Lakers

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All We Know Is Falling Rating

I finally got Paramore’s All We Know Is Falling cd.

Songs such as Conspiracy, Here We Go Again, Franklin, Let This Go, and Pressure stood out the most for me.

Overall I give the cd a 4 out of 5 stars. Once again, I have to say Hayley’s voice is extremely hypnotizing.

I have to thank James for buying this cd for me as a “surprise” gift. This will be another cd added to my collection!


I you James. 😛

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Brand New Eyes Rating

Finally, Paramore released their new album, Brand New Eyes,  following their top selling album, Riot.  Paramore incorporated songs that differ from their usual genre. The songs “Misguided Ghosts” and “The Only Exception” showcased Hayley Williams’ soft and mellow voice rather than her usual powerhouse voice.

I noticed that the album seems to mellow down from their previous album, Riot, which distinguishes both albums apart. This strategy proves to work because it prevents fans from comparing the albums.

Overall, I give the cd a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

My prediction for the songs that will make it on the top charts are “Careful,” “Playing God,” “Brick by Boring Brick,”, “Looking Up,” and “All I Wanted.”

Brand New Eyes

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Building my Ferrari F430

I decided to buy myself a model of the car that I would really want to have, and that’s the Ferrari F430. I enjoyed building the model so much that I can’t wait to get more of these toys and start on my model car collection.

DSC_0312 DSC_0322 DSC_0327 DSC_0335 DSC_0336 DSC_0342


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